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Renewable Energy

Renewable-energy Industry

In recent years, the renewable energy sector is booming. This corresponds both to general awareness that fossil energies will sooner or later be exhausted and to governmental and international energy transition goals. While in 2016, 18% of the world’s energy consumption came from renewable sources, the UN target is 30% by 2030.

Also referred to as “green energies” or “clean energies”, these energies are based on the use of natural elements that regenerate rapidly and are inexhaustible. Their exploitation therefore has a low environmental impact on our planet. Among them: wind, water, sun or biomass for example.

Areas of Expertise

Project Management

Contract – Doc control – Project control – QHSE – Planning – Estimation – Risk management – Cost control


Electricity – Automatism – Instrumentation – Civil Engineering – Process Engineering – Materials – Mechanics – Equipment – Structures – Welding – Safety – Piping


Purchasing – Subcontract – Expediting – Logistics – Inspection

Construction & Commissioning

Site management – Supervision/Superintendence – Field engineering – HSE – QA/QC – Pré-commissioning – Commissioning – Start-up – QA/QC – Maintenance

Areas of Expertise

Offshore Windfarm – Portugal

The main part of the project is to install 3 floating wind turbines of 8.3 MW, 20 km off Viana do Castelo, Portuguese coast. These turbines, with a total capacity of 25 MW, are the most powerful in the floating offshore wind industry. The project includes project management, engineering and the procurement of the complete mooring system.

Offshore Windfarm, Saint-Nazaire – France

During its construction this project will generate more than 1 000 jobs in “Pays de la Loire” region. In the operation phase, local users are mobilized to ensure the maintenance-operation of the wind farm from the harbor of La Turballe. Its commissioning is scheduled for 2022.

With a capacity of 480 MW, the installation is the equivalent of 20% of the electricity consumption of Loire-Atlantique.The wind turbines of the project will be located between 12 and 20 km from the coast.

50 MW Sola Power Plant, Kita – Mali

With 50 MW of installed capacity, it is already the largest solar power station in West Africa. The project will meet the vital energy needs of a region suffering from significant power shortages and enable it to begin an energy empowerment process essential to its development.

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