Wwealth Oil Group

We proudly believe that Wwealth Oils Group’s excellent services distinguish us from the competition.


Excellent services

Trusted Expertise

Wwealth Oils Group has operational experience in over 50 countries and our global reach is continually increasing.
Our expertise meets client expectations at every project phase from R&D to project management and operations.

Our strategy is to add value to our clients’ operations by meeting their requirements and exceeding their expectations in the quality of service we provide. We achieve this through the development and maintenance of long-term relationships with our clients.

Wwealth Oils Group’s strategy is based on providing excellent services to both clients and employees. Our success depends on how effectively we conduct our core business: finding, selecting and supervising the right specialists for our clients.


The quality of our services management is crucial.
Elements such as Oil & Gas-specific knowledge, proactive interest in the business of our customers and transparent communication are the cornerstones on which we build long-term relationships with our clients and our specialists.

We aim to provide a high level of customer service at all times. All feedback on our service is recorded and given prompt consideration.

We are also holder of the ISO 9001 standard since 2017.

Relations with our employees

As a services company, our people are key to the success of our business. We respect and value the individuality and diversity that every employee brings to the business and seek to create a positive, open, working environment wherever we operate.

  • We are committed to basing relations with our employees on respect for the dignity of the individual and fair treatment for all.
  • We aim to recruit and promote employees on the basis of their suitability for the job, without discrimination.
  • We aim to foster effective communication to enable all our employees to perform their work effectively.

This will include encouraging and helping employees to develop relevant skills to progress their careers.

In accordance with the “Avenir Professionnel” law of 05 September 2018, all companies with more than 50 employees must publish their Women / Men professional equality index.
Wwealth Oils Group obtained a score of 82/100. This good result attests to the attention paid by our company to professional equality between women and men.

Health & Safety Executive


Wwealth Oils Group recognizes the importance in planning the Health and Safety of a project at the earliest possible stage, in order to avoid injuries and accident during the life of the project.

The Wwealth Oils Group Health, Safety, & Environment (HSE) Management System is a comprehensive program for managing Health & Safety in all aspects of Wwealth Oils Group’s operations. The HSE Management System is in place for the purpose of ensuring:

  • All work practices and processes so that our employees are protected.
  • The safety of client personnel and other contractor colleagues.
  • Employee compliance and that of Rich Field Oil Group, with laws and regulations.
  • Smooth and safe operations.